Skin Icing: The Newest, Most Powerful Skin Routine!

Lately in a lot of beauty and spa centers you can find a very interesting treatment called skin icing. It has plenty of benefits and it has a lot of effects and keep the skin healthier and glowing.

In case you search for skin routines of Korean women, skin icing will be definitely among them.

What exactly is skin icing? Well, here a few benefits this skin routine will give you.

  • You skin will glow

With the skin icing routing your skin will glow. The main reason is the cold temperature that is placed on your skin that makes the blood flow better. An even better skin routine is if you put a couple of fruit pieces into the water before putting it in the freezer, so when you perform the skin icing you will be able to absorb the positive benefits from the fruit as well.

  • You will have a very smooth skin

The ice is helpful in making tighter the skin and in that way you will make the large pores shrink. With this it will be sopped the process of excessive formation of sebum and the clogging will be brought to minimum. With this process of skin icing your skin will look smooth and very soft.

  • It will help you get rid of the dark circles under the eyes

These very dark circles under the eyes mean that we haven’t sleep enough usually due to overtime at work or because we were out long in the night. Another problem with dark circles is that sometimes the eyes are puffy as well and all this can be very irritating especially in days when you have to attend some important meetings. Luckily, skin icing can be the solution to this issues. It is very simple, make a mixture of cucumber juice with rose water and freeze it. After that apply it under the eyes and expect amazing results.

  • It slows down the aging process

With the years come the wrinkles and aging of the skin, however we can do some things in order to make this process to be slower. With the process of skin icing you will make tighter you skin and there will be zero wrinkles and other skin issues that often appear.

  • Skin icing is the perfect skin toner

The problem with a skin with big pores is that when you put your make up on it looks uneven and makes bigger the risk of having blocked pores. That is why before putting your make up, put some ice on your face, in this way you skin will be very smooth and the pores will become smaller.

  • It keeps under control the skin blemishes

Swelling, inflammation, itching, redness or skin blemishes will disappear after you put a little bit of ice all over your face. Ice is especially helpful in situations when a new acne is being formed. Thanks to the cooling effects of the ice you will get rid of this annoying issues. By applying the ice, you will simply reduce the swelling on the place where the pimple appears. You can perform this process as much as you want.

So, according to this it is not strange that more and more people decide to add ice into their skin routine. The most important part is that you can add into this routine anything you like from fruit pieces to essential oils in order to get a nice, smooth, beautiful hair.

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