Sweet Potato Is Super Food Item And Can Kill Some Cancer Types

These potatoes are tasty, nutritious and purchased everywhere. Even NASA chooses them for the missions’ food. They are good and healthy and worth the penny.

Apart from the taste, they are also anti-cancer. A century ago, it was said this veggie has a protein that kills cancer. This at first was praised for the leukemia and in the end was said that it can stop the leukemia in petri dishes.

When protein gets in the belly it is digested right away, so to avoid this, experts have tested these potatoes against tongue cancer. These patients usually get the chemo and many side effects from it. This made the protein more important and its tests too, since it can be potential cancer cure. This protein showed good results for in vitro cancer after a few days only.

The protein also was tested on 9 women that had cervical cancer and in 2 out of them digestion was survived and entered the blood flow too. This protein was also tested against the worst cancers; colorectal, and the results were amazing. The illness was stopped, cancer was reduced too.

Source: naturalcarebox.com