Take Watermelon Seeds And Boil Them: The Results Will Shock You! (Recipe)

We all know the famous watermelon fruit. Every time when we consume it we throw away the seeds without knowing that they are the healthiest seeds.

They have vitamin B, a lot of proteins, niacin and acids. This is the best fruit for calories, the seeds are 600 grams of calories along with 100 grams of  watermelon.

They can be useful for treatment of every kind of  diseases. We will show how they can help you.

The best recipe:

You need to take two liters of water then grind and boil 20-30 watermelon seeds in the water.  You need to consume this for two days and you need to make pause on the third day. You can repeat  this recipe for several weeks.

How to use the watermelon

Because the watermelon seeds are very healthy you should not throw them away. These seeds have very strong  outer  so you need to chewed them  before to start  swallowing because they will obtain their nutritional content.  Now we will show you the health ways of watermelon seeds.

1. How to protect heart health

If you like to protect your heart and if you want to work normally these watermelon seeds are the best, because they have magnesium and good for your blood pressure and you will have great metabolism. No more suffer you need to try.

2. How to avoid aging

The watermelon seeds are also good for you to avoid aging, they strengthen your skin and keep her healthier because of the antioxidant.

3. How to clean acne

If you want to get rid of the acne you need to put  watermelon seeds oil on your face so it can clean your acne.

4. How to have a strengthen hair

If you want strengthen hair and if you want to shine these seeds are the best for that because they contain amino acid.

5. How to prevent hair damage

Because of the fatty acid the seeds will avoid hair damage.

6. How to deal with blood pressure and coronary heart disease

Because of the blocking blood circulation and the narrowing of the arterial vessels we are dealing with blood pressure regulation and coronary heart disease prevention, but to stop that the best thing to use are the watermelon seeds. They have arginine that is very important for the narrowing of blood vessels, also they have tryptophan and lysine.

7. How to have a better Immune System

If we want do have a better immune system we need to consume watermelon seeds because they have magnesium. You can find him in rice, cocoa, wheat and also can result in muscle spasm, in the heart diseases and for diabetis.

8. Dietary Management

The vitamin B6 will help you to convert carbohydrate into energy.

9. Provides Essential Amino Acids

To have a better metabolism and to strength the bones and the tissues and to provide wonderful benefits for the sexual health you need to use the watermelon seeds because they contain argnine and lysine.

10. How to have better hair & nails

If you really want to have healthy hair and very glossy and also to have yours fingernails long and strong you need to consume the watermelon seeds because they have the best protein. The protein includes lysine, acid.

11. Magnesium Source

If you want to have perfect body and to feel better you need to use the watermelon seeds and you will have better blood pressure, magnesium and metabolism.

12. How to cure Edema

If you want to cure edema all you need to do is to take a glass of warm water and in it you need to put one teaspoon of watermelon seeds and one teaspoon of honey.  You can do this two times a day.

13. Recovery Benefits

To feel even better after you are sick consume the watermelon seeds and you will feel amazing also is good if you have issues with the memory.

14. How to treat Diabetes

If you want to control your diabetes you need to put one hand of watermelon seeds in one liter water for 45 minutes and do this everyday. You will see that you will feel better.

15. Moisturizes the Skin

If you want to have soft and supple skin you need to use watermelon seeds because they contain fatty acids. Also this can help you with your acne on your skin and you will have better skin.

16. How to keep the hair black

If you want to keep your hair black you need to use watermelon seeds because they contain copper that is the mineral.

17. Prevents Hair Breakage

If you use watermelon seeds with the essential fatty acids as a oil you can combine with carrier oil and massage on the scalp once each week, and you will see and incredible result.

You should try this, is very good.

Source: www.myhealthylifeguide.net