It Was About Time To Discover The Cure For Diabetes

Have you ever heard that just in America, there are much more than 1 million people who have problems with diabetes type 1? However, nowadays the discoveries from recent time pointed out that the Bacillus Calmette- Guerin vaccine, a product that has been useful in the process of curing tuberculosis for approximately 100 years already, it looks like to be the solution for this issue also.

Cure For Diabetes

This identical vaccine has been used in these recent present for treating illnesses such as bladder cancer, and it was shown to be with great effect for both ways.

It has been published yesterday that about 150 people who have issues with diabetes type 1 are going to get the vaccine, news which were publishes by the Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association.

What this type of diabetes means is that the body is not making enough insulin due to the fact that the entire package of cells which are responsible for their creation have been eliminated and destroyed by the immune system.

But, the thing which is being formed are the T cells, which create insulin, however they are formed inside the area of the pancreas, which provoke problems. So, this vaccine has the ability of destroying and removing the above mentioned T cells.

Those patients who have received this vaccine have been discovered to have an increasing in the amount of the tumor. So, in the moments when the THF levels become bigger, the T cells which stop the formation of insulin, have been eliminated.

All of this has been previously confirmed and proven, with the usage of the identical vaccine and in those two situations, there were people who begun with the formation of insulin by themselves.

Dr. Denise Faustman was one of those doctors who have been involved in this situation, pointed out that she is very pleased with the obtained results. Plus, she said that no matter that there represents the results from just the preliminary investigations and examinations, they will go on with the research until they are able in obtaining some long term results. Moreover, she pointed out that they are already preparing and forming a system which is going to help in curing and treating those illnesses which are mostly advanced.

They have already started with a new investigation and trial, that will begin in the upcoming summer and it will continue for the following five years. This trial will involve people from 18 to 60 years old and during the first year they are going to get shots two times in one month and then in the next four years they are going to get one vaccine during every following year.

However, apart from all of this, there are a couple of studies which do not have faith in this plan of being successful. Doctor Robert Sobel is one of those people. He pointed out that there should not been any person to appear and start publicly claiming that the vaccine it is going to heal every single person of the millions of infected people in the United States of America.

The thing that he is interested in, is if the study would keep progressing in order to obtain the most amazing results, however for now, he is convinced that all of these things should not be familiar and heard by the public, mostly for the sake of the people, mostly so that don’t start getting their hopes up quickly and so early.

When the last test has been performed we will discover whether this vaccine is helpful indeed or not so much. We keep our fingers crossed!