Tips For A Nose Bleed Situation

nosebleed-treatment-4-amazing-tips-for-how-to-stop-nosebleedsNose bleed is also known as epistaxis and happened to anyone. It can be due to inner lining nose problems and other reasons too like dryness, pain which makes the blood vessel release blood. Mostly this is in the frontal septum part inside the nostril. Those with sinusitis, bleeding disorder, pressure and allergies get more nosebleeds. See the cause and then cure the problem. Here are some tips:

  1. Good position– if the nosebleed is not grave serious do first aid yourself. Find a comfy place and do not stand upwards. Tilt the head forward since backward can CHOKE by releasing the blood in the throat. Or pinch the nose in the bottom part to reduce this flow for a short while. Let the blood drop and have a towel under you. Do not lye down.
  2. Compress– if still you have the nose bleed, use the thumb and finger and pinch the part where the hard and soft tissues touch. Do not pinch hard to avoid a bruise. Here the vessels are damaged and pinching can reduce the flow shortly. After 10 minutes, release. If this is not working, repeat again. Breathe through the mouth.
  3. Nasal sprays-the oxymetazoline sprays help a lot but not for hypertension people. it is a med which helps with the vessels that release blood easily. Apply with cotton or gauze. Add 2 drops of the spray and put inside the nostril. Pinch the nostril and after 10 min keep the cotton ball. Avoid often usage of this since can make the nose congested. It is ok to use it only if the bleeds do not stop and are serious.
  4. Cool it down– leave if you feel hot or moist in some room. Cool temperature helps to reduce bleeding and flow. Go to air conditioned room or get ice for the mouth. This will cool you down and impact the nosebleed. The ice can also help to keep cool longer. If you do not have ice, use popsicle or water.
  5. Preventing– this can happen due to several reasons. Injury to the nose or its vessels from nose picking, blowing the nose, rubbing and so on. Keep the nails short, avoid touching the nose, blow out gently and use nasal gel daily. Also, use humidifiers in the rooms.

Note: in case you or someone else has a nosebleed, calmly use our advice. Do not panic, avoid smoke areas and hot humid areas, breathe with the mouth, keep the pulse down. If still no results are seen, seek medical help in the nearest location.