Use Gelatin For The Osteoarthritis and Pain: Amazing And At The Same Time Surprising Benefits!

Gelatin-for-OsteoarthritisThe osteoarthritis is a condition when people suffer from pain in the joints, it is represented with signs such as inflammation, not normal growth of the bones, loss of motions as well as damaged cartilage. This condition most of the time appears to elderly people.

People who have problems with this disease have said that they felt pain in the toes, fingers, hips, neck, back and also the knees, these are the most usual parts of the body which are affected by the disease. In order to stop the onset signs of this disease and especially if you have already problems with this disease then a nice thing to do so you can combat this issue is with the usage of gelatin.

So, the question is, what exactly is gelatin and also where it came from?

The gelatin has no taste and is completely naturally clean. It is a food product which is formed of the collagen found in the skin, tissues, bones as well as the hooves of animals. Gelatin can be found in various different food products such as marshmallows, gummy cookies, in some types of yogurt and also in jellied cookies. There are several companies which use the gelatin in the making of their cosmetic products, capsule pills and papers. The gelatin it can be found as clear sheet or in capsules.

It is supported by the Science

The American Academy of Family Physicians from Dallas, Texas pointed out during one meeting that the use of gelatin by applying it into the diet, is very useful and has a lot of positive health benefits for patients who suffer from mild osteoarthritis on the knees. So, approximately 175 patients have been given a gelatin supplement or a placebo, the results were that those patients who received the gelatin supplement showed a lot of improvement in terms of stiffness, mobility and pain.

But, we have to point out that those patients had also specialized diet enriched with Vitamin C. So, the tip given by these experts is that if people want to use some gelatin during their osteoarthritis treatment, it is very important also to increase the usage of vitamin C.  All they have to do is to consume 60 mg of vitamin C, which is identical to the usage of one orange and that will be enough to give you the necessary positive effects and protection. Also, if you want you can also eat a lot more berries or citrus products, these are enriched with the vitamin also.

Gelatin for your Osteoarthritis

Well, if you decide to add gelatin in your diet in order to cure osteoarthritis, then here we will provide you with a couple of tips on how to do it:

1. As A Supplement – Well, this represents a good thing for people who are not fond of preparing the gelatin themselves. All you have to do in this case is to visit any healthy food stores and you will be able to buy the gelatin as a pill and then you will consume according to the steps given to you.

2. In Food: This is the other way, when you don’t want to use the gelatin as a pill and your wish is to make it by yourself. All you have to do is to go according to the rules written on the package, but remember to try and always choose the version which has no sugar.

For people who don’t like to consume any products which have any connections with meat due to personal reasons as well as for vegetarians it exists a replacement for vegetarian gelatin. But, we have to say that these type of products have to be examined and to be given some extra information about them. Also, some fish replacement are being used for people who are not fine with consummation of meat, but for reasons familiar to them they have no trouble in consummation of various different animal products.