Wash The Hair With ACV – Here Is Why

The acv is the best item for health and beauty and has more uses too. For hair it is also amazing and cleans it well, leaves shine and gloss and it can remove itchiness or dandruff, fungi and bacteria. Split ends also will be gone in no time. Rinse the hair with ACV and be amazed.

Acv benefits for the hair
1. Balance of hair and scalp pH

If you use chemicals the hair will be dry and brittle. With ACV pH is balanced and due to the acidity, you also have cleaner hair.

2. No dandruff

ACV removes bacteria and fungi too so the scalp will be clean.

3. Detangling hair

ACV can detangle hair better than hair mask. It is acidic so the cuticle of hair will be smoother

4. More hair growth

Clogged follicles will be soothed with ACV, you will not lose hair and you will make better blood flow to make hair roots stronger too.

5. Shine in hair

ACV rinse leaves the hair glossy and shiny

6. No split ends

ACV rinse nourishes cuticles and reduces breaking and split ends

Acv hair rinse

This is simple. Get raw and unfiltered acv, shake the bottle before use and the best brand is probably Bragg’s ACV.

You need;

  • 1 cup water
  • Drops essential oil
  • 2 tbsp ACV


Get spray bottle and mix 2 tbsp ACV and 1 cup water and for using this, first shampoo the hair. Then rinse with the mix and after a few minutes, rinse again. Repeat this every week.

Source: www.thebestremedies.com