In What Way Should Be Used Beets For The Cleaning Of The Colon And The Detoxification Of The Liver

512437-beetBeets represent a very old, actually they are origin from ancient times, they are prehistoric food product, which grow around the coastlines of North Africa, Europe and Asia. The beets represent an extremely nutritious products as well as they are excellent for the cardiovascular health of people because they are root friendly vegetables.

Health benefit

Detox Support

As people have said. The beets are one of the best ingredients which people may use for detoxification. What makes them amazing products for detoxification is that they are consisted of an amazingly “dietary fiber” which has great effects, plus it is consisted of pectin polysaccharides. The beets are considered by people an excellent food which will keep extra clean the digestive system and also it will continue moving in a great way.

Moreover, the beetroot fiber it is not just useful for keeping the digestive tract and the colon clean and supported with the process of elimination, however it gives support to the whole body and its mechanisms for detoxification.

This is the recipe for Beet juice, which is useful for Liver and colon Cleaning

The following are the necessary ingredients:

– 2 red apples- you will wash them with water and then slice them

– 3 carrots- also washed and then peeled

– 6 kale leaves

– ½ Inch of Ginger root

– Beet- again washed with water and then peeled

– ½ Peeled lemon

These are the instructions in the process of making the juice:

– Take the blender and put in it 1-2 cups of water

– Put inside of the blender every ingredient you have and start blending.

– After a while, take the colander and start straining. Next thing is to take a spoon a start mixing.

– When you want to serve it, add some ice cubes just to keep the juice cold.

– When you are not drinking the juice you should be keeping it into a mason jars.