What Will Happen After Drinking Coconut Water For A Week?

The coconut water is the best water for those that need to lose weight and be healthy. And that is true!

Why do you need more such water?

Many people still do not know the health benefits of this water. This water is full with good nutrients and is additive free, so is healthy.

If you haven’t tried this yet, try it now. Here are the best 6 benefits of coconut water.

Coconut water benefits:

1. Better digestion

This water soothes the digestive tract and it gives you healthy fibers. Also it is electrolytic and this makes it easy for you to absorb food nutrients. Also spasms will be soothed and intestine pain will be gone, thus no indigestion.

2. Healthy kidneys

Coconut water also is the best natural diuretic and this aids in prevention to kidney stones and issues. Also it cleanses the urinary tract and bladder and breaks down the small stones.

3. Losing pounds

If you drink this water all the time or at least a week, you can shed excess fat. This water is low in fat and nutritious, thus stops unhealthy appetite. And if you drink this a lot, appetite will reduce. Energy will increase and you can do more workouts.

4. Lower pressure

The American Heart Association stated that with good levels of potassium in the diet, you can maintain the pressure and even lower it. A 2005 study stated that people who had this water for a week at least could reduce the diastolic and systolic pressure by whole 29% and 71%.

5. Better immunity

This water has lauric acid and this kills bacteria and viruses. As bacteria is removed also gum issues will be gone and UTIs too. Viruses are fought and you won’t get anymore colds and flu. Even in the winter you will be healthy.

6. More energy

This water is mostly used by athletes and is replaced with the regular water. The potassium in this water maintains the healthy cell water pressure. This makes you hydrated and healthy for any workout.

Source: www.1mhealthtips.com