What Will Happen With Mix Of Beet, Apple, Carrot? Juice Super-Cure!

What happens if you mix these items for juice?

A magic drink that is healthy. It was used in ancient China too for carcinoma and more issues.

It is vital said Rudolf Brojs, EU doctor for UN agency. He found a cure for cancer! He said tumor cells survive in sturdy meat. A patient should be under care for 42 days, he could have tea, veggie juices and mainly, beet. This cured more than 45.000 people with cancer.

Veggie and fruit is the best cure method

This drink is miraculous and has 2 types of veggies and one fruit.

The apple has vitamins A, E, C, K, B, zinc, Mg, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron. It has carbs like levulose and aldohexose so it stops fatigue and gives energy. It has ascorbic acid too and antioxidants. It removes viruses, bacteria, free radicals, weight loss and digestion is better.

The carrot has B, C, K, A, E, 20 atomic minerals, mg, antioxidants and metals. It makes good vision, stops stroke risks and tumor risks.

Beet has B, C, A, copper, iron, mg, metal. It helps blood vessels, liver, digestion and stops cancer.

This is hope for cancer people

It is proven to help for lung cancer and tumor malignant cells. Beets have amino acids betaine which fight cancer. And it cures even leukemia.

For heart and vessels

This is friend of the heart and has healing items. Carrot juice has phytonutrients for healthy heart, alpha and beta carotene too, lutein as well. The apple makes less bad cholesterol, better pressure and healthy heart. The beet makes elastic arteries and less bad cholesterol.

Better blood flow and stronger heart against attack
  • Better digestion and weight loss
  • For good digestion
  • Keeps healthy gut and no ulcer risks
  • Regular bowels, more toxin removal and less constipation
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Gives nutrients and just a few calories, more satiety too
Cleansed body against infections
  • Cleanses liver and blood
  • It is alkalescent and removes waste
  • Apples detox us with their cellulose
  • It has fibers that remove toxins and clean intestines
  • Iron for stronger blood
  • Healthy exocrine gland, liver, kidneys
  • Removes viruses, has antioxidants, stops inflammation and infections
Good for skin

Studies said this juice is amazing for skin. Makes skin clean, removes pimples. It removes inflammation too, cures skin issues, viruses, bacteria and allergies. It stops aging and removes wrinkles and dry skin.

Visual sense

It cures red and itchy eyes. Also rests the eyes and keeps their health.

For women issues

UN women agency said this drink is healthy and amazing for PMS. It replenishes iron and fatigue is removed. This protects against cancer, makes good immunity, healthy brain, good memory, clean body, no inflammation and infection, less PMS, less spasms, less muscle pain, no allergy, good skin, weight loss, good blood vessels and vision.

Make the elixir for health

This can be easy. Use fruits with peel and organic. These are nutritious and healthy. They have no chemicals and no pesticides. Always use same ratios, like 3 fruits of each. Cut them up and blend them. Strain and put this in jar. Refrigerate. This has no sugar added.


This juice is taken in the morning on empty stomach. Have breakfast after 60 min from the juice. This is done for 3 months for better health.

Article and image source: naturallifefornewday.com