Women Need More Sleep Than Men – Female Brains Work Harder, Experts Say

Science proved that women have more complex brains and thus they need sleep more. Prof. Jim Horne of the Sleep Research Loughborough University, explained why this is like it sounds.

As to him, women, when they get poor sleep have more nervous stresses and more hostility, anger and depression than men. All these were not linked with same negative expects of men.

Jim Horne said it all in his book Sleepfaring: the best function of the brain is to make us repaired and recovered. When we sleep deep, our cortex responsible for memory and language, can disengage from the senses and recover better.

The more of the brain is used daily, the more it needs recovery. Women multitask more, do more things and thus their work works much harder than that of men.

A man that has the hard job of making decisions and  thinking, might need more than average sleep. This is due to the fact that female brains are different than that of men and more sleep is needed for them.

More than 8 hours for women

We all know sleep is great for us, and at least 8 hours even though 7 is enough. Horne added that female brains are more complex.

Why is the female brain this way?

Unlike men, women multitask and have more stress on the brain. So, women must rest more.

What about tired men?

Horne added that people having decisive jobs sleep more than average people, but yet, less than an average woman too.

How to improve sleep?

Many ways exist for this. Try the one that works the best for you.

1. Routine sleep

Set a sleep regime and stick to it. That way the brain will know when to relax and shut down.

2. No certain foods

Stimulants must be avoided all the time at night. No coffee, cacao and coffee ( due to the theobromine), sugar and such. These lead to insomnia.

3. Meditation

The female brain works all the time and this method helps them a lot.

4. Yoga

The yoga rests and soothes you. See the best 6 poses for this.

5. Melatonin

Experts say that melatonin makes you sleep much better. Take 3 mg, and before bed.

Source: www.healthyfoodhouse.com