You Won’t Believe What Is The Thing Which Has Happened To The Woman Who Consumed Honey And Lemon For One Whole Year!

lemonandgingerinfusedhoney1Inside this web page you have been able to find thing regarding the benefits about honey and lemon. Crystal Davis is one lady who made the decision to try this mixture and see it on her own whether is that good and if its benefits and effects are as amazing as   they were said to be. So, she decided to start this experiment and for one year she drunk lukewarm water combined with lemon and honey.

She was eager to find out if the drink is that good and if it has so many good benefits and effects over the overall health. So, she tried it and what she received was astonishingly amazing and she could not believe it, so after that she began spreading the recipe around her friends and family.

Amazing mixture

Both the lemon and honey were so useful and helpful for treating colds and flu via natural way for a long period of time now. But, what people are unaware is the fact that the science itself has approved this and said it was the truth.

  • Honey: This product represents a liquid with antibacterial characteristics and this is the reason why it is so good for treating the flu. What the honey does is that it makes the immune system very powerful and also the time needed for recovering from an illness will be much faster.
  • Juice of lemon: The lemon is filled with vitamin C, plus the immune system is becoming better and it helps you to get better when you are ill.

If they are made as a mixture then they are very good and useful in eliminating the usual flu, but one lady from Australia found out that the mixture is good for many more things.

The Experiment

Crystal Davis the lady we talked about before, had problems with flu, cold and viruses her entire life, and she has been taking only drugs specialized in the fight against these colds which were easy to buy in any pharmacy. So, instead of doing this she started using this mixture and she used it for a year in the mornings before having breakfast. For that period she found out that the effects and benefits she got are amazing so she decided to continue using the mixture. Here are the amazing benefits from this mixture:

  • First of all, she was feeling so energetic that she didn’t need any more coffee during the day on order of staying awake.
  • This mixture is all natural diuretic so the problems with the UTI or known as urinary tract infection were past, because these mixture increased and boosted the elimination of the waste within the system.
  • This water made of honey and lemon it was extremely good for losing a few pounds.
  • Her skin became shiner, because the honey produces a lot of collagen and the juice made of lemon clean the blood, which bring to having a better and very healthy skin.
This is the recipe:

The following are the things you should perform in order to get this water of lemon and honey:

  • Take one lemon, chop it and use one half.
  • Squeeze the half of lemon and take the juice from it, then
  • Put one teaspoon of honey in it
  • At the end put warm water

So, the usage is to drink it in the morning when you get from bed, before eating breakfast. However, you should know that the benefits and positive effects won’t appear immediately, you will have to wait a couple of weeks and after that period you start seeing and feeling improvements in your immune system and all of the benefits we spoked about previously.