WOW This Woman Began Drinking 3 Litres Of Water Per Day! You Won’t Believe In The Results It Showed!

A huge part of the body functions and systems are working thanks to the actions of the water. Water is extremely useful in confirming and checking that the around the nose, ear and throat tissues are wet as they should be. Therefore, if you don’t drink water a lot of the functions of the body probably won’t be good and won’t be able to function as they should.

Sarah Smith, is a 42 year old lady from Britain as well as she is a mum of two kids, also she has a lot of problems with constant migraines and ingestion. The doctor and nutritionist recommended to her that she should stop consuming caffeine and starts drinking more ware liquids in this case more water.

So, in the next 28 days she consumed believe it or not 3 litres of water and the results she got were extremely surprising.

Week One: Waist 28in, Weight 8st 7lbGlowing-skin1

Sarah asked for a advice if she is supposed to drink such a huge amount of water and also she wanted to know if this will bring her any problems to her health.

“You should have one huge pitcher of water during the morning, after that one more during the afternoon and again one more during the evening,” the doctor she asked explained to her.

“Your kidneys, that change the waste products inside the blood before they replace them with to urine, will be among the first organs which will notice its positive effects, because the cleaning they receive will be amazing.  ”

During the first week, Sarah was able to see that she urinates a lot more than before, also the intestines became lees sluggish, and the reflexes and flexibility became even better as well. Also, water helps in the removing of the toxins from inside parts of the body

The Second Week: Her Waist Was 28in, Weight 8st 6lbwater3

Here, the function of the digestive system became much better. The number of wrinkles on the skin has lowered and the complexion of the skin was clear.  However, what was most important was that she lost approximately a pound during this process. Plus, the pain in her head were eliminated

“My complexion is becoming better and better, plus the tone of the skin is much more even now. Even though below the eyes there are the wrinkles again, still they do not look too scary now and are not so dark like they used to be. Also, the blotches on my face are disappearing and the shadows which surround my eyes are starting to disappear.” she explained.

Week Three: Waist 27.5in, Weight 8st 6lb20140714233724391

When she finished the third week she noticed that she managed to lose one inch on her waist. As well that her eating habits were changed, she began to consume not so much food like before, the reason was that she drunk too much water while she was eating and her organism felt full enough in a much faster way.  Several researches pointed put that 37 % of the people make an error because they are chose to stay thirsty but not hungry.

Week Four: Weight 8st 5lb, Waist 27in1413511699-uong-3l-nuoc-moi-ngay--2-

Again, during the fourth week, 1lb and half an inch on the waist was removed. Plus the black dots below the eyes at the end disappeared completely, as well as the redness. As well, the skin was softer and she looked too younger now.

“I am a completely changed woman now. Both the blotches and the dark shadows which were surrounding my eyes disappeared completely. I have to say that my skin is so much softer now it is like back in the time when I was a kid. The transformation is absolutely surprising and amazing.”

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